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There exists in the market or the hairdresser, a large number of products for hair growth and strengthen the hair. The instructions for use or intake vary Whether tablets, vials, lotions or foams; some are freely trade, other products for the riscrescita are located in pharmacy and prescription medicines or even purchase in the hairdresser salon. Dermatologists rely mainly those from the drug, because the others are considered by their palliatives or, at worst, products of no efficacy. The limit of all products for regrowth who in different ways stimulate hair regrowth, or simply aim to make them grow stronger and stronger, which is based on the idea of ​​being able to use general remedies to solve specific problems and individual. People are all different, and factors that cause hair loss or baldness are manifold, for this there is a product that is a solution definitive for each type of problem. There are people who have genetically hair thick and strong, but in a period of great emotional stress begin to lose them and, if the period of suffering continues, they risk permanent damage; there are those who suffer from seborrhea that blocks the natural growth and hair regrowth; others have weak hair or purposes for creation, falling or get ruined as a result of pollution, poor diet or both together; for someone is temporary with alopecia regrowth to stimulate, in yet other cases the regrowth of healthy hair is compromised by habits cosmetic erroneous combined with dry skin or in the production of oily dandruff. One could go on and combining the possible causes of hair loss with the various physical and psychological characteristics that distinguish people.

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